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Through The Looking Glass Studio is a place where our artist’s creativity can flow and individuality is praised.


Brad still remembers the first time he was introduced to glass blowing.  A young kid in Florida, that day made a huge impression on him. And although he didn’t initially follow the path of a creative artist, life led him back here.  Somewhat ‘self-learned’, Brad’s experience in the glass blowing community, both good and bad, has given him the knowledge and experience to not only create truly unique pieces but also to direct and manage a well-running shop.

Known for his free-flowing, non-technical approach, Brad loves the collaboration between him and the glass.  He doesn’t fight it. It’s about the energy and the flow and that’s apparent in the work he produces. And not only does he enjoy the process, he enjoys sharing that process with others, working with charities and organizations that bring art to children.  Because in the end, art is about the connection. The emotion it brings out in you.

Through The Looking Glass Studios

In 2017, a group of friends came together to form ‘Through The Looking Glass’, based in Firestone, CO. The mission was to be different. Different from the status quo. To produce art that sets them apart from the crowd.

The focus is on promoting the artist and the shop, together. To give artists control on how they’re represented, how they’re recognized, and who they are as an artist. A place where creativity can flow and individuality is praised.

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